Challenge of 52 weeks and beyond

This is a new beginning, I am here to tell you that this blog will be an accountability page where I will post all the things that I practice in the field of competitive programming. Every new thing that I learn will be given a brief introduction and maybe related problems too.

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The reasons for making this blog are many and a few of them are:

  1. I like writing and sharing my thoughts.
  2. It will add a huge factor to my accountability knowing that I have a full-time job, but I still have to manage this.
  3. I always wanted to get my hands dirty in writing things out and showing them to the world in the form of a blog.
  4. It will create an online presence for me which can be later used as personal branding and promoting other kinds of stuff.
  5. It will help me in maybe filling the void in the form of learning which can be seen as there are very few people who document their work and give a sneak to the world.

Let me tell you about my current situation concerning everything I shared over here.

Codeforces handle bong_dev rating 917

CodeChef handle : bongdev rating 1578 (2 star)

Leetcode handle: bong_dev (93 problems solved)

Geeks for Geeks handle bongdev (62 problems solved, 31 easy, 8 medium and others school and basic level.

These will be the 4 major sites on which I am gonna compete and code regularly including the CSES problem set and some other resources as well. I have not done many contests till now which is pretty much evident from the rating and ranking.

So what this challenge is all about. The target of this challenge is to solve as many problems as I can that increase my level and make me struggle a bit. I will provide a link to the problem and also what I learned.

Photo by Engin akyurt on Unsplash

To set some targets, By Next may, I want the following to happen:

  1. Codechef 5 stars
  2. Codefroces candidate master
  3. Leetcode 600+ questions solved

I think that are modest and achievable targets, I hope that I cross them before may. Looking forward to writing more content like this in the coming future and also more about learning. Stay tuned.



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Software Developer, Writes about Data Structures, Algorithms, Competitive Programming, Leetcode, and Weekly updates about the Learning curve.